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The MindEar app combines a series of tinnitus management techniques to provide customized tinnitus care. We’ll help you understand your relationship with tinnitus, provide the tools to manage it, and empower you to live your life with long-lasting freedom.

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The MindEar 8-Week  Program for Tinnitus Relief

Our 8-week, step-by-step approach will help you discover a personalized treatment plan that aims to not only alleviate the symptoms but also improve your overall quality of life.

With the help of your MindEar app, you’ll discover a custom treatment plan suited for your lifestyle. Learn as you go, or schedule a call with one of our Tinnitus Coaches.

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The MindEar Tinnitus Experts

Meet Our Tinnitus Experts

If you require a more thorough consultation, or simply prefer to talk to a professional about your tinnitus, remote appointments are available and can be booked through the MindEar app or the website.

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MindEar is a revolutionary tinnitus treatment program designed to help you manage your relief through a mobile app. Until now, tinnitus has been difficult to manage with no known cure.

While researching in the field, Tinnitus experts Dr. Fabrice Bardy and Dr. Matthieu Recugnat recognized an opportunity to improve the lives of people living with tinnitus. The result: MindEar, your mind relief program uniquely designed to help you manage your tinnitus.

A Tinnitus Solution That Works

We can tell you how great MindEar is, but our customers make a more compelling case.

I feel empowered

“I never knew that what I was living with for months was Tinnitus. As soon as I began to learn more, the pieces all started to fit. I feel empowered now to manage my Tinnitus and improve my daily living!”

— MindEar App User

Now I am in control again!!

"To find help when very few people can understand how crippling the effects can be. The App worked for me enormously, especially the mindset questions that made me realise where I was stuck in my thought patterns: hence a big part of my recovery. Now I am in control again, rather than it control me!!! A huge thanks to the MindEar team."

— Nicole

Life Changing

“MindEar has given me the ability to cope with tinnitus and enjoy my favourit activities again. Using the app has been life-changing - a real mental health savior. The tools embedded in the app enable me to deal with the daily challenges of tinnitus.”

— Kimberly

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