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April 25, 2023
2 min
Dr. Fabrice Bardy
Dr. Matthieu Recugnat
picture of a loud speaker representing the link between sound exposure and tinnitus


Find out how a simple online hearing test could help you start a ground-breaking health journey.

These are some ways to find out if we have tinnitus, hearing loss or other concerns for our hearing health:  
 1. Wait for family and friends to notice and tell us
 2. Figure it out ourselves by missing sounds or maybe even hearing sounds others don’t
 3. Do a quick online hearing test

Rather than looking for solutions to hearing loss and tinnitus, spend the super short time needed to get a general hearing health check by doing an online hearing test today.

Early screening and detection means there are things that may still be done to slow the natural progression of hearing loss. The first of these – whatever your age – is to protect your precious cochlea, the spiral-shaped bone in your inner ear that transmits soundwaves to your brain.

As these photos below show, our cochlea contains tiny hair cells that detect sounds and send electrical impulses to our brains for interpretation. These cells begin to break down in old age, but can also be damaged when we’re younger, by the ruse of certain drugs (i.e. ototoxic), or – far more frequently – by ‘acoustic trauma’.

Acoustic trauma sounds dramatic, and it is! It refers to the ear damage caused by exposure to extremely loud sounds, such as explosions, loud vehicles or machines, or – far more commonly – loud music. This can result in hearing loss at varying degrees, and can also result in buzzing or ringing in the ears (commonly referred to as tinnitus)

If you’ve ever been to a rock concert, you’ve placed extreme stress on your cochlea and your hair cells. The good news is that this damage takes time – so unless you’re one of the rock stars or work as a roadie, you’re unlikely to have done significant damage. However, the bad news is that our hair cells don’t regenerate – so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

So don’t wait and get your ears and hearing health checked today!

World Health Organization and Hearing

Did you know the WHO started to conduct hearing health campaign?  The WHO has a new theme to educate and inspire global hearing health awareness each year. The theme this year is “listening with care” – which, of course, starts with reducing one’s exposure to loud noise.

Test your hearing once a year

MindEar has launched a free hearing test inside its app, enabling visitors to test their hearing levels in the comfort of their own homes. Testing your hearing regularly is important so share the hearing test with your family members and compare your results!

Get a  better understanding of your hearing health by doing a quick online hearing test with MindEar today.

Download MindEar today by clicking here and see what other great features are on offer to learn more about healthy hearing habits and tinnitus management.

How MindEar can help you in your tinnitus journey

MindEar offers a range of scientifically-backed solutions that can help you manage your tinnitus symptoms effectively. In the MindEar app you will find a soundscape library offering a variety of adjustable soundscapes to help you find the sound sound therapy that works best for you. You can also talk to a tinnitus expert to help determine if a sound masker is right for you. In addition, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques are also accessible to provide you with the tools to take control of your condition so that you can live a life without noticing it. MindEar is here to guide you on that journey.

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