Hear me out (if you can)?

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May 24, 2023
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Fortunately, there are things you can do to slow the natural progression of age related hearing loss. The first of these – whatever your age – is to protect your precious inner ear that transmits soundwaves to your brain. If you’ve ever been to a rock concert, you’ve placed extreme stress on your inner ear. And even just moving through urban traffic in a busy city will introduce significant sound pressure levels to the sensitive mechanisms of the inner ear.

The good news is that creating damage takes time – so unless you’re one of the rock stars or work as a roadie, you’re unlikely to have done significant damage. However, the bad news is that our inner ear doesn’t regenerate – once damaged hearing performance is reduced forever.

Hearing is living

‘But so what?’, you might think. It's just my hearing, not a heart condition. It comes as a surprise to many - especially younger adults - that reduced hearing ability has a significant impact on quality of life, social and communication skills, career opportunities and lifetime earnings. Hence, there are very good reasons why you want to include your hearing health in your regular health checks - it pays to hear well.

Test your hearing once a year

The new research based hearing health coach, Tinnibot, has launched a free hearing health test inside its user-friendly app. It enables visitors to test their hearing levels in the comfort of their own home - easily and whenever it seems appropriate to keep track of your hearing health. Experts recommend that you check your hearing health annually, and with Tinnibot it can be done in 5 minutes, which is not a big investment considering that results might have an impact on quality of life for many years to come

What have you got to lose – apart from getting a better understanding of your hearing health? Jump online now and check out your hearing at Tinnibot today.

Download Tinnibot today by clicking here or by scanning the QR code, and see what other great features are on offer to learn more about healthy hearing habits and tinnitus management.

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